Máquinas De Soldadura a Tope

  • Elbor manufactura máquinas de soldadura a tope Ø40-Ø2000 y sistemas de envasado HDPE Ø20-Ø2000 bajo la marca Weltech.

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  • Intended Use

    Butt Welding Machines connect PE, PP; PVDF plastic pipes with diameters from Dmin 40 to Dmax 2000 in proportion to machine sizes and their attachments through butt welding using a heating system.

  • Area Of Use

    Butt Welding machines can be used in all areas where liquids are transferred such as clean water, waste water, sea discharge etc. through plastic pipes made of PE, PP; PVDF.

  • Method Of Operation

    Butt Welding machines operate on a hydraulic system. Power type required to operate the machine is 380V (triphase) however for certain machine sizes 220V (Monophase) can also be supplied based on user preference.