CNC W1600 – Polyethylene Pipe CNC Butt Welding Machine


  • Specifications

    • Machine is for weldings of PE – PP – PVDF pipes and fittings up to 32 Bar .Welding sizes are 1000 – 1200 – 1400 – 1600 mm
    • With the shortest setup time it provides simple and fast welding operations according to international standards ISO 12176 – 1
    • With it’s lightweight nature provides easy handling
    • Maximum working pressure is 200 Bar
    • The working environmental temperature is -40 C° ~+40 C°
  • W1600 CNC Butt Welding Machine Main Body

    • The main body supports and centres the plastic pipes with two fixed and two movable clamps.
    • Using the hydraulic pressure on the system, the two pistons on the carrying metal bars move the clamps for and backwards and supply the necessary movement for the welding process.
  • W1600 CNC Butt Welding Machine Trimmer

    • The trimmer is the tool which cleans and smoothes the both ends of the pipes before the heating process with its blades on both sides.
    • W1600 CNC Butt Welding Machine trimmer unit ensures clean and parallel pipe faces.
  • W1600 CNC Butt Welding Machine Heater

    • The pipe ends will be heated by this heater before the welding process.
    • The settings of the heater will be done by the thermostat on the control unit.
    • W1600 CNC Butt welding machine PTFE- coated heating element ensures uniform surface temperature.
  • W1600 CNC Butt Welding Machine Control Unit

    • The necessary electric will be transfered to the heater and trimmer by means of this unit and to the main machine by the hydraulic pressure.
    • It will be controlled by the manual buttons. On the manual control panel there are four buttons and a key. The clamps are controlled by the buttons and the trimmer by the key.

  • W1600 CNC Butt Welding Machine Housing Box

    • Housing and support box prevents the heat loss of the heater and protects the trimmer from the exterior effects in a manner supporting the heater (against impacts, water, etc.)


Teknik Özellikler / Technical Specifications
Kaynak Çapı / Welding Range Ø 1000 mm – Ø 1600 mm
(Ø1000 mm, Ø1200mm, Ø1400 mm, Ø1600mm)
Malzeme Cinsi / Pipe Types to Weld PE – PP – PVDF
Boru Max. Basınç / Pipe Max. Pressure PN32
Isıtıcı Elektrik Gücü / Heater Electric Power 380 V – 24 kW
Traşlayıcı Elektrik Gücü / Trimmer Electric Power 380 V – 4 kW
Hidrolik Gücü / Power of Hydraulic Unit 380 V – 2,2 kW
Elektrik Sistemi / Electric System Trifaze / Triple Phase
Toplam Elektrik Sarfiyatı / Total Electricity Consumption 30,20 kW
Çalışma Basıncı / Operating Pressure 200 Bar
Gerekli Olan Jeneratör Gücü / Required Generator Power 50 kVA
Çalışma Sıcaklığı / Working Temperature (-40 C° ~ + 40 C°)
Hidrolik Yağı / Hydraulic Oil Hydraulic 46 / 6 lt
İçindekiler / Content
Kullanma Klavuzu / User Manual 1 ad/ pcs
Ana Gövde / Main Body 1 ad/ pcs
Traşlyaıcı / Trimmer 1 ad/ pcs
Isıtıcı / Heater 1 ad/ pcs
Muhafaza ve Destek Kutusu / Protective Casing 1 ad/ pcs
Pafta / Stuffer 12 ad/ pcs
Takım Çantası / Tool Bag 1 ad / pcs
Paketeleme Detayları / Packaging Details
Ambalajın Cinsi / Type of Package Açık-Streç / Open-Stretch
Kap Adedi / Number of Packages 3 paket / pack
Ebatlar / Dimensions 2,15 x 2,40 x 2,40
1,00 x 2,30 x 2,25
Toplam Hacim / Total Volume 17,75 m3
Toplam Net Ağırlık / Total Net Weight 4.650 kg
Toplam Brüt Ağırlık / Total Gross Weight 4.670 kg